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This project is inactive

first post: gfinzer wrote: If anyone wants to pick it up, let us know.

Is Windows Authentication supported?

first post: dvidben wrote: are the security features supported by this serializer/compressor?

latest post: gfinzer wrote: No, there are no security features for the serializer and compressor.

Status 2010-03-23

first post: gfinzer wrote: Currently there are three tests that are failing. Two of which are...

Serialization of Classes that extend List not supported

first post: EliSchleifer wrote: I was looking to use/contribute to this project. I noticed that sup...

latest post: gfinzer wrote: I am the QA for this project. Let me see if I can get ahold of the...

Private Variables Not Serialized

first post: gfinzer wrote: It is not possible to reflect upon private variables in Silverlight...

Status 06-01-2009

first post: gfinzer wrote: The initial round of AltSerializer NUnit tests have been created. ...

Status 5-20-2009

first post: gfinzer wrote: All,We are actively working on this project. The MiniLZO port is w...

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